10 CV Writing Tips for 2023

Whether you’re trying to shift professions or seek a new position at a different firm this year, a recently revamped  CV might mean the difference between getting a callback and having your application rejected. It will require some inventiveness and analysis about your prior employment to effectively modify your resume for a job search in 2023. There are various methods to improve your resume and catch the eye of your desired employer, from getting more personal to find better ways to document and portray yourself as an expert.

In order to do so, below are the “10 CV Writing Tips for 2023” that will ensure your success if you’re on a quest to upgrade your CV to create an impact on the potential recruiters or employers.

1. Use Data-Driven Statements

In recent years, using data-driven statements in a CV has grown in popularity since it offers verifiable proof of a job candidate’s abilities and achievements. In 2023, employers will probably continue to search for applicants who have included precise, quantitative information on a CV to demonstrate the value they may have added to their past employment.  For instance, a data-driven statement would say “increased sales by 15% through effective market analysis and targeted advertising campaigns” rather than just “improved sales performance. When successes are quantified with numbers, statistics, and matrices, it makes a powerful impression on employers because it is verifiable.

2. Include The Most Recent Achievements

Recent achievements on a CV can help demonstrate to potential employers your suitability for the position. With the help of this information, you’ll be able to stand out from the competition and provide recruiters with a clearer picture of your progressing and constantly evolving career. Highlighting recent achievements shows how you have used your knowledge and experience in a real-world setting, proving the value you can bring to the role.


3. Frame A CV as Per the Role

Structuring a CV around the position is very important these days since it demonstrates that the applicant has taken the effort to comprehend the precise details of the position and has accordingly personalized CV to showcase their suitability for the job. When a resume is designed with the role in mind, the applicant concentrates on displaying the abilities, accomplishments, and experiences that are most pertinent to the position they are applying for. This increases the likelihood for CV to be shortlisted for further consideration while enabling the hiring manager to quickly and readily assess how the candidate’s skills and experiences fit the requirements of the post.

4. Emphasize On the Work You Want to Be Doing

A good strategy for communicating your professional ambitions and aspirations to potential employers is to highlight the work you aspire to be doing in your CV. It demonstrates that you are actively looking for possibilities to pursue your passions and interests as well as that you have a clear path for your career. This gives you the ability to highlight your skills and qualifications in a way that is particular to the positions you are interested in, which may improve the likelihood that an employer will choose to evaluate your CV further. Additionally, it increases the chances that you’ll uncover opportunities that fit with your goals and interests by helping you focus your networking and job search efforts more wisely.

5. Make Your CV Internet-Friendly

In 2023, it’s critical to optimize your CV for the internet because most job applications are submitted and evaluated online. An internet-friendly resume is simple to read, navigate, and download and is tailored for online viewing. When your CV is web-friendly, recruiters and hiring managers who use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes may quickly search for it and find it. Many businesses employ an applicant tracking system (ATS), a software tool that organizes and archives resumes and searches for qualifications and keywords that fit job criteria. You should choose a clear, easy-to-read style with a font size suitable for internet reading to make your CV ATS-friendly. Use keywords that are relevant to the position you’re looking for, and refrain from utilizing graphics or images that might not look good on devices.

6. Communicate Your Value in CV Summary

When examining your CV, the summary section is frequently the first piece a hiring manager will see, giving you the chance to create a good first impression. Your unique talents, abilities, and experiences that make you the greatest fit for the position may be highlighted in a well-written summary, which can also help you stand out from other applicants. A suggested strategy for 2023 is to include a summary on your CV that explains why you would be a better candidate. This will give hiring managers and recruiters a quick and simple approach to understanding the value you can bring to the position.

7. Using Story-Telling Approach

You may explain your unique value proposition and what makes you stand out from other candidates more effectively by using storytelling in your CV. You may boost the likelihood that your CV will be chosen for further review and make a good impression on hiring managers by showcasing your experiences and accomplishments in a way that is interesting and memorable. You may construct a picture of your work history and how you have overcome obstacles to succeed in the past by using storytelling in your CV. It gives hiring managers a more individualized and human perspective on your professional career and enables them to comprehend the context and significance of your achievements.

8. Keep CV Content Aligned with Social Media

By maintaining consistency between your information on social media and your CV, you can provide a polished picture of yourself to prospective employers in 2023. In the current job market, a lot of recruiters and hiring managers look up applicants online and use social networking sites to learn more about their professional and personal life. Inconsistency between your social media posts and your CVmight cause uncertainty and cast doubt on your candidature. When maintaining consistency between your social media content and your CV, it’s crucial to make sure that the content fits with your profession and the position you are looking for.

9. Mention Your Passions and Interest Aligned with Job

Your interests and passions may provide hiring managers and recruiters with a greater insight into who you are outside of work. They can also indicate a lot about your personality, working style, and beliefs. For instance, if you love photography, it may demonstrate that you have a creative and artistic side, or if you enjoy volunteering, that may show that you are dedicated to giving back to the community. Additionally, including your hobbies and passions in your CV might show how they complement the culture and principles of the organization. It’s crucial to remember that not all interests and passions are suitable or useful to list on your CV. Include just those of your interests and passions that are pertinent to the position or that will best reflect your character and beliefs.

10. Get Your CV Evaluated by A Professional

A qualified CV assessor has the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you an unbiased assessment of the information contained in your CV as well as its general structure and presentation. They can assist you with finding any mistakes or inconsistencies and offer suggestions on how to make the presentation and content more powerful and engaging. Moreover, they can also provide you with information on the most recent trends and best practices in CV writing and assist you in customizing your CV for the particular position or industry you are looking for. This might make you stand out from the competition and improve your chances of being chosen for further consideration.


The aforementioned “10 tips for CV writing in 2023” are the most essential for making your CV stand out from the crowd and improving your chances of landing your ideal job. After you have put the previous nine guidelines into practice, don’t forget to follow the final one to feel confident about your CV.