How to impress the recruiter with your CV instantly

A CV is a kind of record that showcase an individual’s work history, achievements and accomplishments, and qualifications acquired in the field. Therefore, in order to achieve your target you need to make a grasping CV  that will instantly impress your recruiter.

A CV that is properly formatted and contains all the necessary information which is crucial for the job you are applying for creates an impressive view of you as a candidate and impresses the recruiter too.

So how to make an impressive CV? All you need to do is follow a few simple rules that will make your CV  one of the most inspiring ones.

Be succinct

Clear, concise, and to-the-point CVs are always preferable to recruiters as they are easy to read and understand and require very little time to skim through it. Being succinct is a key rule to follow when making a CV to impress your recruiter at once.


Your CV is a reflection of you as a professional, using inappropriate email addresses or any kind of informal tone can damage your reputation as a professional. Therefore, by avoiding these mistakes you can impress your recruiter with your CV.

Prioritize the formatting

In order to impress your recruiter with your CV  instantly, Proper formatting of a CV is very crucial as you want to show the employer your qualifications, skills and experiences, understanding the purpose of the CV and the job you are applying for is important while formatting, as it will guide you to showcase which information should be on top and accordingly. The most common type of formatting is chronological, whereas if you are a newbie or there was a certain employment gap in your career, you can use functional formatting where you can showcase your skills.

Action words

When you use words such as maximized or increased or organized your recruiter instantly gets impressed by your abilities and task-performing skills. It simply shows how you achieved your goals and targets. Hence, even if it is a quick scan, your recruiter will get attentive to these compelling action words.


Typos are any kind of major or minor mistake in your CV that could cause a negative impression of you as a candidate and make your chances of landing on dream job slim. It can be simply a spelling mistake or grammatical or it can be simply presented with any kind of wrong information.

Soft skills

Soft skills are a type of skills which include excellent communication skills, your ability to work in a team, and leading a team of professionals to achieve the company’s targeted goals. Mentioning your soft skills along with hard skills is quite important in order to impress your recruiter with your CV.


When applying for a position it is mandatory that you read the job description and find out the keywords, set of skills or experiences the employer is looking for and then tailor your CV accordingly, so that by highlighting your skills the recruiter considers you a good fit for the company. Recruiters use software such as ATS to screen CVs and extract the eligible candidates, so if you have used proper keywords, your CV will stand out from other candidates.

Showcase your achievements

Showcasing your achievements in your CV can have a great impact on your recruiter or hiring manager and will help you impress your recruiter. The use of numbers or data can be of good use here. For example, you highlighted that you managed a team which resulted in increasing company sales by 30%.

Passion to work

Your passion towards your work shows a recruiter how dedicated you are towards your career and in constant need to learn and work. It impresses the recruiter when you highlight your enthusiasm, suggesting ideas and are innovative towards your field, making you a passionate candidate which is a great and valuable asset in acquiring the company’s goals and targets.


Proofreading is a practice which is mandatory for writing an impressive CV. Once you have written your CV you need to take out time to go through it and search for any kind of errors or mistakes. Even minor mistakes can cause damage to your reputation as a professional candidate.


Including any kind of recent certifications, training, or workshops attended by you, can lead to forming a good impression of you as a career-oriented professional, especially if they are directly relevant to the position you are applying for. Therefore, showcasing these certificates on your CV can impress your recruiter instantly that you are a good choice for the position.

Your experience matters

Most recruiters are looking for candidates who have a lot of experience for the required position and make them a better fit for the job they are applying for. So, If you can impress your recruiter with your CV instantly you must highlight your work experience in the desired field.

Hard skills

Your hard skills contribute a lot to your CV and mentioning them in a factual way will indeed impress the recruiter instantly. These hard skills include technical skills, analytical skills, management skills and many more which are necessary for some job requirements, by mentioning them in your CV you make yourself a competitive candidate among other candidates.


Testimonials give off a good impression of you as a strong candidate for the position applying for, as they provide a fact and opinions about your accomplishments and achievements in a certain field by others.


In conclusion, Creating a type of CV that impresses a recruiter instantly is a challenging task, where you have to keep in mind the factors which are essential for creating a perfect CV. Therefore if you mention all the relevant information that is required by the recruiter and present it in such a clear, readable and understandable way that impresses the recruiter and shows your professional touch to your CV, can help you make you a stand-out candidate for the job.