How to Write a Beginner’s CV

So, you have completed your bachelor’s. Now your professional life begins and you have to do one of the most difficult tasks which you have never done in your whole life. You have to score the job which will be the starting point for your professional life. But the problem begins when you start looking for a job after getting your degree with no job experience. And many students face problems in getting a job after graduation. But many students still get recruited after their graduation without any job experience. So, the question is how are these students getting interview calls from recruiters and getting jobs? Is it because of their Grade Point Average (GPA) or their skills? Of course, these things matter in getting a job for a graduate student with no experience. However, the main thing which will get you to interview calls from the recruiters of your desired job or any job you applied for is your CV. CV is the only thing that will matter to get your intended recruiters’ attention. CV is the most essential thing in starting your professional career.

Now the question arises how can we make a good CV or an effective CV, which can get the recruiter’s attention without having no job experience? Many beginners and fresher complain that we do not have anything to write in our CV then how can we make our CV attractive? What can we write that will grab the attention of recruiters when we do not have any job experience? If you think like that then no beginner will not be able to get a job after graduation. So, besides job experience, there are many things you can write in your CV which can make your CV effective and attractive. A well-written CV will surely get you your dream so you should spend much time and effort in making a good CV the following tips will help you in making your beginner’s CV effective and attractive, and it will not matter if you are a beginner or you do not any prior job experience.

Eye Catching Profile Statement:

One of the things that can make your beginner’s CV attractive in front of recruiters is an eye-catching profile statement. It is a short introduction of your strengths, background, and your goals. A Profile Statement is the first thing the recruiters will read from your CV and if the profile statement in your CV grabs the recruiter’s attention, then the chance for you to get an interview call for your dream job will increase. You must define your skills, strengths, and goals precisely and clearly in your statement. According to professional CV writing services in Pakistan, do not exaggerate or be vague while writing your statement. So for any beginner, it is essential who are applying for jobs without no job experience to add a good profile statement to their CV.

Customize your CV:

It is essential not just for beginners but also for experienced people to customize and update your CV according to the job description you are applying for. There are two main benefits of customizing and updating your CV for every different job you apply for. The first thing it will show to recruiters is that you fully understand the job description and recruiters are happy to see these kinds of candidates because they do not have to explain much to them. The other benefit of customizing your CV for different jobs you are applying for is that the recruiters can see your hard work through your CV if you update your CV according to their needs. And which recruiter does not want a hard-working employee? So if you are a beginner with no job experience so customizing your CV according to different jobs will increase your chances of getting selected for the job you applied for. So if you do not have any job experience you can customize and update your skills, personal statement, and strengths according to the job description of the position you applied for and show the recruiters you are a hardworking candidate who fully understand the job.

Specialized Courses and Projects:

It is another way, you can grab the attention of the recruiters. You do not have relevant job experience but you do have relevant knowledge about the specific field of the job you are applying for. So you have to show that to recruiters by mentioning the specialized courses you have studied and the projects you have done in these specialized courses in your degree program. Many recruiters see your CV and asked it in interviews about the specialized courses you have studied in your degree program because they want to know that does the candidate have basic knowledge and potential in the field of job. Because if candidates have basic knowledge then it will not be hard for recruiters to explain and train the candidate and these candidates are preferable in the eyes of recruiters. So it is best to list your specialized courses and projects in your CV.

List your Skills

List your hard skills as well as soft skills in the CV by making a separate skills section. In this section, first list your hard skills which are the technical skills you have gained through studies, certifications, internships, and volunteering. Then list your soft skills which include your traits and strengths like leadership and decision-making skills.

List your Internships

Everything aside, employers, and recruiters will always give preference to the candidates who have a little bit of job experience. An internship whether paid or unpaid is this little job experience that will get you noticed by the recruiters. So you need to list your internships.

Include all your extracurricular activities:

According to professional CV writers in Pakistan, recruiters can evaluate you know the job by seeing at your education section. However, to evaluate the skills you have mentioned in your skills section the recruiters turn to your extracurricular activities section. They will judge your leadership skills, communication skills, hardworking skills, and decision-making skills by looking at your extracurricular activities like participation in different activities, volunteering, or organizing different events and any achievements in these extracurricular activities. So if you are a beginner with no job experience you should always list all of your extracurricular activities in your CV.

So, you do not have to worry that much if you are a beginner with no job experience. All you have to do is to spend some time making your CV attractive and effective and you will get success in getting your desired job. Just make sure to keep all the above-mentioned things in your mind when you make your CV.